Here you can find a collection of some of my personal favorite projects that I've worked on.


Invooders is a simple Pygame program reminiscent  of older arcade games such as Galaga or Space Invaders. This was made for a Programming 1 assignment.



Relativ is a project created by Delight Ibrahim and I, with the goal of making common or desired Python code easier to remember and type.



As a simple challenge to myself, I set out to create an intentionally silly and useless esoteric programming language. The end result was Relativ.


Biomolecule Posters

Instead of drawing a poster like everyone else did, I decided to go the extra mile and create digital posters from scratch using Affinity Designer.

Google Drive

This Website

After losing the original Bootstrap Studio project file for my website, I decided to make a new one from scratch to learn the ins and outs of the software.

Command Line Calculator

This was the product of one of my first Programming 1 assignments. I didn't want to settle for the standard, so I made this as good as I could.